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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Website Name - Ideas Contest!!!

I am looking to create a website for myself and need ideas on a domain name for the website. While it will probably have sections such as analytics, investments, my start-ups and trips across the globe among others, it will largely be about Me and my personal and professional life with consolidated links from across the web world. If you come up with the winning idea, I'll work with you and help you build your own website or of course take you out for lunch/dinner at the location of your choice in Bangalore *YOUR CHOICE*.

Three ideas that I am toying with:

www.randhirhebbar.com (Plain old simple one - but could lead to difficulties remembering the spelling for one)
www.brandhebbar.com (Brand - rand + Randhir - hir + Hebbar - some letters) - I like this one the most
www.brandhir.com (Brand - rand + Randhir) - I like this one too because its short and sweet

Post your feedback on the above or new website name ideas on the blog, or on facebook or tweet/DM them to me @rhebbar or e-mail me at arhebbar@gmail.com.

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