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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hospitalforsalelease.com - A new and innovative platform

What started off as a small project for Convergytics a few months ago has been a fun ride so far. We became good friends and I built a close and strong bond with Amrit Pal Singh - the CEO and Founder of Hospitalforsalelease.com. He's a really motivated and smart individual who totally believes in the concept of buying hospitals and selling hospitals made easy and that in turn helping turnaround many a distress hospital and in turn making life easier for Patients and Doctors alike. 

Is there a huge market for it? The number of people who've registered already in the first 3 months (even before launch) tells me there is surely a demand for such a platform (at least on the side of hospitals). What sort of pivot will be necessary to make this platform work for Hospitals and Investors is still open for consideration (depending on how well the launch goes) and I have been advising the HFSL Team on and off on how it can succeed and the digital analytics team at Convergytics is excited to be working closely with the HFSL Team.

All the very best to Amrit and the Hospital For Sale Lease Team as it gets prepared for a grand launch in Feb-Mar 2017! If you are a doctor or want to invest in hospitals, please do check out the site, register online and share with friends & family who might benefit from this.

If you have any feedback on the concept or want to get in touch, please use the contact us form at HospitalForSaleLease.com or drop me a message and I'll put you in touch with Amrit himself.