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About Me

I am an Analytics ConsultantProject Managerand Data-Driven Decision Making evangelist at Dell on Weekdays and a Personal Improvement Guru who provides time, money and career management solutions & a Startup Evangelist on Weekends.
I help companies embrace data-driven decision making, help students and young professionals move ahead in their career (see my CV improvement service) and help entrepreneurs progress in their ventures along with working on my own startup ideas.
In my previous avatars, I have studied Finance, Entrepreneurship & China Business at HKUST, Hong Kong and London Business School, held managerial roles at Mu Sigma and Infosys, co-founded a bio-medical startup called Zeopane and consulted with the likes of Citigroup, Glaxo SmithKline, GAP, Nordstrom, Walmart and DELL. For more info, please go through my LinkedIn profile.
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