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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


What is Go'sipping?

It is a game very much prevalent across the Central Ohio region esp among Desis. Person A starts of with an empty glass and pours drink a into it and passes it onto B. B takes a sip of it, adds drink b to it and and passes it on. By the time, it reaches person Z, it's a brand new Cocktail. The drinks added alternate b/n an alcoholic drink and a non-alcoholic drink. Person Z has to gulp the entire drink down in one go.

The transformation that takes place from Drink A to the ultimate cocktail is really amazing with each person in between adding his own twists of punch into it. Since there is only one guy (the last guy) who has to gulp the drink down, people do their level best to make it as hard on him as possible. The sadists that most bl#@$y De$i$ are, who cares how difficult it is for that guy to gulp it down or even if the guy is a drinker or not? It's fun to see a fellow de$i suffer rite.

Any similarity of the above game (noun) to a similar sounding verb (esp from a Mallu) is purely co-incidental and un-intentional. The author bears no ill-feelings towards people A-Y during the last instance of this game since he sympathises with them and understands their frustrations in life. And anyway the author loved the drink. Thank you!!!

Coming up!!! Description of Bulls' hitting - a game similar to the famed Bull fighting.