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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Moving up in life!!!

After 2+ years in Win Cove Condos, last weekend moved to another Apt. It wasn't like I liked it that much in Winchester Cove. It was my laziness to move all the furniture and clean up the place that kept me there for this long. And when it finally did happen, I was forced into it by the bloody ol' b#$$@ refusing to extend the lease.

Anyway despite the humungous effort in moving all the furniture and cleaning up the mess of 2 years, looks like it worked out well. Although the new apartment is not as New as the Older one :-), it has an amazing pond-side balcony view where ducks flock to our side of the apartment and are a treat to watch. Here are some photos of that view.

As I keep saying these days, balcony, balcony ke aage garden, garden ke aage pond, pond mein bahut sare machli. Maybe I'll do some fishing one of these days.

And why is it moving up in life. Well, first floor to second floor is moving up rite.

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