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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I hate this ...

The school trying to fit in all these stupid core courses that I feel are totally useless. Take the Managerial Communication course for example ... I know I have a lot of improvement in my public speaking abilities. But how many times will just beating round the bush, the same stupid ideas of how to do presentations help.

I know I have a problem and I know the solution to the problem as well. I just need more practice. But charging me two credits for talking 4-5 times in class in front of my class-mates is a total waste of my time and my precious credits. I'd rather spend a few hundreds on a Toastmaster Lifetime membership and practice and improve all my life versus spending 2 Credits (each worth around 5K HKD). Is that unfair or what?

Update: For those that are not going to be doing an MBA, sign up for your nearest Toastmaster right away. Am sure that will do your public speaking abilities and in turn your overall confidence wonders. :-)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Much ado about B-cards!!!

Business practices in China - A few important things I found out in a recent meeting with a Chinese Business Partner (Yeah - I have a Business Partner now)
  • The exchanging of business cards in customary in Chinese business culture. One side should be printed in English and one in Chinese. You should present your card with both hands and with the Chinese side facing up. When accepting your colleague's card study it carefully before placing it on the table, never in the back pocket, as this is extremely disrespectful.

  • During negotiations, humbleness and patience is the key to success. The Chinese sense of time means that they use it knowingly and there is always enough.

  • In most cases, initial meetings may be more of a social opportunity as oppose to a negotiation discussion.

  • An important element before commencing a business meeting in China is to engage in small talk. Be prepared, as this may include quite personal questions.