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My Startups

My Current Startups

I am working on 4-5 LIVE ideas all the time. Here’s a short list of 4-5 current startups / initiatives that I am actively working on and here’s details of myprevious startups.
  • Career Consulting (2009 – to-date)Resume Critique & Rewriting (New), Cover-Letter Writing, Social Profile Improvement, Interview Guidance, MBA School Selection, MBA Essays, Getting through an MBA, What after an MBA, MBA vs. MS – These are some of the questions I address 1:1 (over phone and on e-mail), in an “FAQ e-Book” that is under development and in webinars on the chosen topics.
  • Startup Consulting (2009 – to-date)I was always fascinated by the exciting world of startups (See my blog posts on the topic here) and consulting / talking to entrepreneurs gives me the wonderful opportunity of living the entrepreneur life vicariously. Have spoken to tens of entrepreneurs about their startups, how they can move up/on/onwards and do better, what strategies to adopt, whom to talk to, when to raise money are the kind of questions I typically try and address.
  • Productivity Consulting (2009 – to-date): I have my own version of David Allen’s GTD system that works for me and will work for most IT/Analytics Consultants. I am considering taking this to market by means of either an e-book or webinar.
  • AutoInvestIT (2009 – to-date): Automating your investments leveraging IT and some simple trading algorithms. Did some market research on this one before shelving it for the moment.
  • Investment Consulting (2009 – to-date): I strongly believe in the need for more saving among our younger generation and most of the investment advisors we have are biased by one Asset Management Company or the other and cannot be relied upon to give impartial advice. Can I fill that space with maybe a blog, webinar or e-book?
If you want to hear more about any of these or even if have your own nascent idea you want feedback on, please do call me at             +91.9945.254742      , e-mail me at  arhebbar@gmail.com or connect to me on Twitter,  Facebook orLinkedIn.