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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cricket and other updates!!!

In a previous post, I'd mentioned my dilemna in choosing between COSARC and the other team. COSARC is no more. Based on a lack of a good response from the team (ppl looking for a free lunch), we decided not to go ahead with it this time. So it was now, each to his own. Each member was now a free agent.

I still had the offer from XYZ club - the champions of our league. Just to have the best of both worlds, me and a few others from COSARC decided to join a new club that was getting formed with a lot of members from different clubs. The number of people here is scarily huge - the yahoo group already has 30 members. But have had a couple of interactions with the team and it looks good.

I had a pretty bad first game - scored just 2 runs in a match that we lost. But the practice session that followed was much better. In my defense, my best games last season were the last three games where I top scored for the team in each of the games. Considering that and the fact that this team will have much more regular practice sessions and games before the midwest starts, there is only one way to go for my cricket this season and that is up (assuming I'm here for the entire season).

That brings me to the other update on a previous blog. The suspense over whether I will play most of this season or not continues. I got waitlisted in the PGSEM course and I haven't got anything like a waitlisting number from IIMB. So it's waiting till the 20th of May for now. That's f@#@$n three weeks away!!! Boooooooooh!!!

Well considering that this was my worst CAT performance in 3 attempts with almost zero prep, the fact that I got a call and got waitlisted is a surprise. Hopefully it will turn out to be an even better surprise by the 20th of May.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Target PGSEM

This is about my plans to go in for the PGSEM course in IIMB, Bangalore. Why PGSEM? I'd prepared for this question in the interview by putting a lot of thought into it and coming up with all the usual cliches. The truth as with most other aspects of my career, I don't have a solid reason for doing it.

Why did I leave an opportunity to do a full time MBA in IIMC/L/I/K two years back and two years later look to do a part time course in IIMB? One obvious reason is B comes before CLIK. :-)

I mean B is Bangalore - Namma Bengalooru so any course (even maybe a Karate course) beats IIM - CLIK PGP anyday. That's one thing I always regret not doing. Learning Karate. Come to think of it - there are so many other things I regret. I wanted to learn to play the Guitar, learn to swim, be brave enough to Bungee jump or sky dive when I had the opportunity, the list is end less. Anyway I am going way off track with this. Let me get back on course.

Looks like the results are supposed to be out any day now. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

I was supposed to submit a few documents after the interview like the approval letter from my Employer. Since my managers went on vacation and then immediately into training, this got delayed by two weeks. Now that I finally got a hold of him and submitted it, just hope it's not too late.

Who cares where the hell I end up? Hit it!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

What's in a name?

A Rose by any other name is just as fragrant. But some names are really worth hearing over and over again for all the wrong reasons.

What do you think of these?





But to come to the defence of people with these names. It wasn't their fault that their parents or grandparents couldn't think that there would be jobless people like us who'd dissect the names that they came up with like this. :)

Actually some of these names and their pronounciations / name-splits came to mind after I heard the way some Amru's say these names. They call me Ran'Deeer

Disclaimer: This post is inspired from another post I saw recently. Unfortunately I've no re-collection of whose blog it was. So I'll take the (dis)credit for now.

Smokies Road trip

Went on a road trip down south to the Smokies. Rented a Cabin, played pool all day (the cabin had a pool table), relaxed in a Hot Tub, did a couple of moderate difficulty treks, did some horseback riding, went on some long drives admiring nature's beauty and some wild-life (read deer).

I rode a Hummer. No, not drive a Hummer. The name of the horse I rode was Hummer. He really was huge. I think if I'd fallen off and if he'd put his one foot on me, I would have been a goner. But luckily for me, nothing like that happened. He did give me a few scary moments going to the edge of the cliff a few times and acting as if he was going to lose his balance. But on the whole, a nice experience. This was a lot slower than the last time I rode a horse * in Ooty * since unlike in Ooty where it was through a forest, here it was up and down a steep cliff.

We visited "Aquarium of the Smokies" too. As expected, saw lots of fishes. Some of them were really worth going all the way to see. Took snaps like crazy. Or atleast my friend did.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cricket season

The cricket season - 2006 has well and truly started. No - we haven't played a game or anything. We haven't even had a practice session. In fact we are far from it. I say the season has begun because a lot of political manuevering has begun. Players moving from one team to another. Players being lured to other teams with tempting offers or plain old queries - Would you like to join our team? We have this facility and this great team and stuff.

I got one such offer from last year's champions. It seems they lost a couple of players and they are trying to fill it with players from other teams. I am giving the offer a lot of thought because I am not sure my team will be able to field a 11. We had great difficulty fielding a 11 for some matches last year and we've lost a few players already (2 of them moving to another club due to differences / monetary considerations and another person moving out on a new assignment). Let's see how it goes. Looks like we'll be a much weaker team than last year. The choice is between being a good player in a bad side or a bad player in a good side.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nee Amruthadhare!!!

Saw a Kannada movie in the US after a long long time. In fact my first Kannada movie in the theater. All those DVDs at home don't count, do they?

Pretty nice time pass movie called "Amruthadhare" which had no story, lots of similar songs or rather one song played over and over again that went like this "Nee Amrutha Dhare ... Nee Preeti Huduga ....". Even though there was nothing amazing about it, it had the most important thing, the feel good factor. The song is still playing in my mind - three hours after the movie. It will probably play for a couple of days at least.

Nagathihalli Chandrashekhar has done a pretty good job once again after America America, Nanna Preethiya Hudugi (or something like that) and a host of other "good" movies. Obviously there were parts of the movie when we had our share of fun (side comments) at the expense of the family crowd gathered in the theater.