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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Cricket season

The cricket season - 2006 has well and truly started. No - we haven't played a game or anything. We haven't even had a practice session. In fact we are far from it. I say the season has begun because a lot of political manuevering has begun. Players moving from one team to another. Players being lured to other teams with tempting offers or plain old queries - Would you like to join our team? We have this facility and this great team and stuff.

I got one such offer from last year's champions. It seems they lost a couple of players and they are trying to fill it with players from other teams. I am giving the offer a lot of thought because I am not sure my team will be able to field a 11. We had great difficulty fielding a 11 for some matches last year and we've lost a few players already (2 of them moving to another club due to differences / monetary considerations and another person moving out on a new assignment). Let's see how it goes. Looks like we'll be a much weaker team than last year. The choice is between being a good player in a bad side or a bad player in a good side.



  1. Ahh...your dilemma is something that plagues a lot of sportsmen, especially in the NBA. I would suggest that you go ahead and accept the offer with the other team. Btw, it's really not a "bad player in a good side" scenario. You could prove yourself there and become the good player there as well. All the best!!

  2. Cricket Season in US is always too good..actually the only thing to cherish about, there! Go for the new team...Better be in Australian team as a Lehman, rather than being a Mbangwa in a Zimbabwe team which may or may not play :)

  3. chili: I agree that it's not really a bad player in a good team. It's just that I'd probably get to play a lot more in this team than if I went to a team loaded with Batsmen.

    abhi: true. I'm actually leaning towards it. But somehow feel will have more fun playing for Zim than Aus. All Uncles in Aus team. More youngsters / colleagues in Zim team.