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Monday, April 10, 2006

Smokies Road trip

Went on a road trip down south to the Smokies. Rented a Cabin, played pool all day (the cabin had a pool table), relaxed in a Hot Tub, did a couple of moderate difficulty treks, did some horseback riding, went on some long drives admiring nature's beauty and some wild-life (read deer).

I rode a Hummer. No, not drive a Hummer. The name of the horse I rode was Hummer. He really was huge. I think if I'd fallen off and if he'd put his one foot on me, I would have been a goner. But luckily for me, nothing like that happened. He did give me a few scary moments going to the edge of the cliff a few times and acting as if he was going to lose his balance. But on the whole, a nice experience. This was a lot slower than the last time I rode a horse * in Ooty * since unlike in Ooty where it was through a forest, here it was up and down a steep cliff.

We visited "Aquarium of the Smokies" too. As expected, saw lots of fishes. Some of them were really worth going all the way to see. Took snaps like crazy. Or atleast my friend did.


  1. That riding the horse at the edge of the cliff does not sound a real good idea to me. Especially if the horse is drunk and is acting like losing balance. :) brrr..scary thought!

  2. I had no option dude. I was holding the reins for dear life and hoping the horse valued its life enough!!!

    Actually it was pretty thrilling when going downhill and it was going close to the cliff at a decent trot.