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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Cricket and other updates!!!

In a previous post, I'd mentioned my dilemna in choosing between COSARC and the other team. COSARC is no more. Based on a lack of a good response from the team (ppl looking for a free lunch), we decided not to go ahead with it this time. So it was now, each to his own. Each member was now a free agent.

I still had the offer from XYZ club - the champions of our league. Just to have the best of both worlds, me and a few others from COSARC decided to join a new club that was getting formed with a lot of members from different clubs. The number of people here is scarily huge - the yahoo group already has 30 members. But have had a couple of interactions with the team and it looks good.

I had a pretty bad first game - scored just 2 runs in a match that we lost. But the practice session that followed was much better. In my defense, my best games last season were the last three games where I top scored for the team in each of the games. Considering that and the fact that this team will have much more regular practice sessions and games before the midwest starts, there is only one way to go for my cricket this season and that is up (assuming I'm here for the entire season).

That brings me to the other update on a previous blog. The suspense over whether I will play most of this season or not continues. I got waitlisted in the PGSEM course and I haven't got anything like a waitlisting number from IIMB. So it's waiting till the 20th of May for now. That's f@#@$n three weeks away!!! Boooooooooh!!!

Well considering that this was my worst CAT performance in 3 attempts with almost zero prep, the fact that I got a call and got waitlisted is a surprise. Hopefully it will turn out to be an even better surprise by the 20th of May.

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