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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why I bought an i10?

After a lot of thought, research, seeking opinion from friends (on this blog too) and tons of test-drives, I finally decided on an i10. I made the payment and took delivery last weekend. Here she is in all her splendor outside the showroom.

My reasons for doing so as against a bigger car such as a SX4 Diesel which I had almost decided upon a few days back:

  • Easier Driving: I can't tell you how much easier it is to drive this car when compared to my brother's Swift Dzire which really is not as big as the SX4 I was considering. I still can't sneak through gaps as I used to with my bike. But this is probably gets me as close to that as I probably can with a car.
  • Will be a lot easier for Bhagya to start driving as and when she does start doing so.
  • Lower Cost: At 5.5L (On-Road), it is at half the 10L that the SX4 would have cost.
  • Two other big cars at home: My brother's SX4 and my dad's Ford Ikon are still there for me to use whenever we need a bigger car. The choice for me was between this one and probably a SUV.
  • Easier Maintenance: Lower the cost of the car, I was hoping lower the maintenance expenses. I did consider other small cars but decided to go with Hyundai for just service promise being better.
  • Petrol vs. Diesel: The lower promised maintenance of Petrol Engines along with of course the fact that the premium charged for Diesel cars being too high for me considering the number of miles I will probably drive in a year because of my short commute to work. 12k miles (max) translates to 800liters and 24k INR in savings per year. The diesel options I considered were 7L+ atleast meaning that it wasn't that great a saving considering the supposed increased maintenance costs.
  • Last but not the least, this is not going to be my last car. Let's start small and move up rather than start big and move down was the philosophy!! 
I am sorry if I disappointed friends who'd suggested other options on my previous request for suggestions. Did I?


  1. Mallikarjuna ReddyJuly 10, 2011 1:18 PM

    Was Swift not a good option?? Any particular reason for not going for Swift??
    It would help me as i was planning for that..

  2. Personal choice I guess. Don't like the look of Swift as much as I liked the Sporty look of i10.

    Another factor was silly too. My brother has a Swift Dzire. Another Swift in the house didn't seem like a great idea.

  3. Nice Choice Randu... welcome to the elite group of i10r's. Same pinch!!!