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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weekend's over even before its begun!!!

This really sux!!! It's already 1pm on a Sunday and the weekend hasn't even begun for me. Goddamm the sicko's who called for a Bundh last Monday. Where are they now, I wonder? And what exactly was achieved with that Bundh other than probably a loss of revenue to million's of daily wage laborers and businessmen across the state? And of course their getting to appear on TV as heroes fighting for Karnataka.

Monday, February 19, 2007

You tell me!!!

A college student needed a small two-hour course to fill his schedule and the only one available was Wildlife Zoology. So he joined in and after one week of study, a test was held. The professor passed out a sheets of small paper where in each square was a carefully drawn picture of a bird's legs. No bodies, no feet, just legs. The test asked each student to identify the birds from their legs. Our student sat and stared at the test getting angrier every minute.

Finally he stomped up to the front of the classroom and threw the test on the teacher's desk. "This is the worst test I have ever written." The teacher looked up and said: "Young man, you have not filled in anything and you definitely have failed the test. Tell me, what's your name?"

The student pulled up his pant to the knee showing his legs and said, "You tell me!!!"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

As expected ... ISB says No!!!

An analysis of what might have gone wrong is due!!! Being in the IT Male crowd with 4-5 years of experience did some damage. But then ISB does have a decent sized IT Male population. App'ing in the second round did some more damage. But then I know a few IT folks who got in. Not being too expressive in the interview of why I wanted to do an MBA was the clincher is my guess.

Anyway, will approach ISB for a feedback and maybe think of re-applying next year if I think I believe in their analysis of my app. But as of now, its back to the app'ing table.