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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finally over ... First Semester!!!

Feels like yesterday that I was lugging my bag across the Po Lam station ... and I

... am now four months old in HK
... am 20 credits into the course (that's almost half way there - will be there in a month)
... got to know so so many people
... went to so many parties (atleast one every week on average - probably more)
... wrote so many exams and did well in it (Happy about doing well only for grades being part of the criteria for exchange preference decisions)
... logged so many hours in the library (most of it dozing on my laptop)
... read so many text-books (cover to cover - need to catch up on my casual reading - enough of excuses)
... argued (healthy discussions) with so many people over things that seem so trivial now (I'd like to remember this in the next argument that takes place)
... went up and down the weighing scale like I always do. I should now almost be back to where it all started ;-)
... went through a few competitions (Case for one - that took so so much time .. but it was all worth it in the end)
... am now looking forward to the two weeks in exotic Thailand. Need to plan my trip now before it gets too late.
... learnt the number of readable words you can stuff into an A4 size cheat sheet really has not limit

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Efficiency concerns!!!

That's my biggest worry these days. No, I'm not talking about China and how energy in-efficient it is (although thanks to Mr. Nair - I've been reading up a lot about it). I'm referring to my own inefficiency. I'm not talking about taking a break to blog once in a way. I'm talking about my checking of gmail 100 times a day when I get less than 20 (probably less than 4-5 useful) mails in a day, orkutting a handful of times, Facebook for a couple of hours every day, Linkedin (what can change in a day - I've no idea) and of course how can I forget checking Cricket scores.

I've decided that I won't be checking my mail (or any of the other ssstttuupiddddddd sites from now on (more than once a day - mail) till the end of exams and if it works maybe for a long time to come. So in case you want to get in touch with me, call me directly. :-) Let's see if I stick to this for even a day.

Update: Didn't exactly work out that way yesterday. But I think I'm getting better at this and will continue to make an effort towards it.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Carbon Emissions - Your contribution!!!

Nice initiative by a reporter in Hong Kong to reduce the carbon emissions in Hong Kong. Really it's so simple to contribute to helping save the world. Might be a little risky to try what he did. But atleast if you are the driver with your car engine running in one of these traffic signals, shut it off.

I'll do my bit from now on. Off to shut off the light in the room (use some natural light for a change). Hope you do too.