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Friday, March 18, 2005

Da Vinci Code

Dan Brown has done a real good job with this book. Starting off with a murder mystery and bringing in a whole new theory about the life of Christ and cracking of Puzzles and Anagrams and Cryptic Codes finally ends in a famous Author and a French Cryptologist finding the descendants of Christ. Yeah, descendants of Christ.

Read it to know more.

Cricket Fever

Its cricket fever here in Columbus. Last three nights have been Beer and Cricket Combo. Two nights back we actually found a link that allowed us to watch Cricket and the quality of the video was so clear it was almost as if I was watching on television.

Then somebody found out about this unauthorized access and blocked the link. So the last couple of nights have been about being glued to the commentary on http://www.pakistanvision.com some Paki TV link. With commentary from our very own Ravi "PREDICTABLE" Shastri and Sanjay Manjrekar and Gang.

Its been fun. Hope the last two days turn out to be India's days and they are able to go one up on our sworn enemies. :-)

Saturday, March 12, 2005

My Bro in US

My brother landed here in the US on a short term assignment from his co. GE yesterday. Will probably go to meet him next weekend. Will be a nice get together.

Mar 11th must be a really special day for our family. This day last year, I left India to come here. Mar 11th of this year, my bro lands here.

He's about 8 hours drive from my place. So a couple of meeting are sure on the cards in the next couple of months. :-)