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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Google plus plus

Google Plus is up!! While its still lonely out there right now, there are some cool features of Google+. Better integration with my other Google Apps (Chat, Picasa, Youtube, etc), Circles, Hangout and most importantly Sparks makes sure you don't leave Google+ ever. 

If someone can do an update FB and update Google + plug-in soon, we can probably start having some activity in Google Plus and a real fight might just take place in the Social Networking Place. Here's what Hitler thinks of Google Plus. He wants an invite and he wants one real bad. 

 Do you need one too? Ping me if you haven't already got one. :-)


  1. Mallikarjuna ReddyJuly 06, 2011 5:01 AM

    i haven't got one.. Can you please send me one?

  2. Dude, you have G+ invite ? please pass it on maam.

  3. Barry - There is no concept of an invite it looks like. I have all three of your mail ids in my Friends Circle. If you still have not got an invite, I guess its either totally random selection based on capacity or something like that.

    Malli - I sent one too to the id listed on FB. Hope you got it atleast.

  4. dude,

    you want a facebook/twitter connect within google+ in which there is no need for google+, here is a link to what google+ is possibly about