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Monday, July 11, 2011

What are the documents required before buying a plot in a Community?

I am currently doing some research on the real estate market in Bangalore and some good sources tell me that there's a good 15% drop in recent times in Market Prices. The two developers I spoke to over the weekend totally denied it and said their sales were going better than ever. Anyway, ss I start looking for plots, here is a quick check-list I put together of documents required before parting with the cheque/cash.

These are the list of documents required to make sure that a plot you are buying (from a Gated Community) is a good deal (No potential litigation or cheating involved):
  1. Sale Agreement between You and Developer (Verify Developer Name and Signatory)
  2. Flow of Title should be clear / Mother Deed
  3. Sale Agreement of Property (Note Survey No.) from Original Owner to Current Owner
  4. Family Tree (If it is an ancestral property)
  5. No Litigation / Best to issue a paper notification
  6. Joint Development Agreement between Owner and Developer (Make sure developer name in JDA and Sale Agreement) - Make sure it is registered and the signatory is correct
  7. RTC - Record of Rights (for 30 Years upto date)
  8. Up to date Tax Paid Receipt both on the original land (before the developer bought it and your plot)
  9. Mutation Registry (MR) Extract Copy (Latest)
  10. Latest EC / Encumbrance Certificate (Runabaara Rahitya Patra in Kannada)
  11. DC Conversion Approval (Mentioning Survey Nos where the approval is valid and note conditions under which the approval is given) - Approval to convert agricultural land to residential land
  12. LSR (Legal Scrutiny Report) - A report where a lawyer looks at all the documents and confirms that everything is in order. This is a must and should even if you are going to get your own lawyer to look at it.
  13. Approval from Competent Authority with Layout Plan (Note Survey Nos and Plot Nos - Preferably should be one of DTCP or BMRDA)
  14. Bank Approval Documents - Some proof that the Bank has agreed to provide loans
  15. Talk to a few customers of previous properties to get the credentials of the developer verified and last but not the least
  16. Like I mentioned in my previous post, do a basic check online for the builder (name), developer company and property name as well to see if you find any history of cheating / not living upto promises / etc
Is there anything else that is required to be verified? If yes, let me know either on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments section below and I'll update this post so it remains a quick checklist for me and of course anyone else looking to buy a plot.


  1. Mallikarjuna ReddyJuly 11, 2011 9:40 AM

    Hi Randhir, not sure if this would apply for purchase of plot, but we were told to have these by the lawyer when we purchased an apartment..

    Profile of developers and Names & Address of promoters of the project/Developer...

  2. This is one of the unstated things we end up doing I guess. But worth adding to the checklist.

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  4. If NIT mutation is not done and tax receipt is there n all registry paper is clear. Do we face any problem in future?

  5. If NIT mutation is not done and tax receipt is there n all registry paper is clear. Do we face any problem in future?

  6. HI randhir,
    Its a good article,well explained and check list also looks good but
    I think it would good if you block adding comments. because I see some advertisement links

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