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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Watching cricket

Over the last couple of months, have probably watched more cricket (sometimes staying up all night and being all dreamy eyed at work all day) than I ever could if I were in India. I get to watch a whole One dayer when its a day game on a week day. Could I watch it if I were back home? Not a chance.

Going by the rate at which willow tv is hiking the prices, it looks like this fever is catching on. After selling the india pak series at 90 bucks for the one day series, they have the audacity to sell ind eng series at 170.

Maybe they'll next sell a SL-BAN series for 200 bucks.


  1. Lucky ass!! Only thing that is missing now are the discussions in the BB or Mysore mailing-list. What say? :P

  2. Heheehee!!! Yup. Sure miss that. But we have our own gossip section at work where we go and fight over cricket discussions over horrible coffee!!!