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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The lost world!!!

These days have noticed something about myself. This has happened so often these past few weeks that I'm noticing a pattern here.

A friend of mine walks into my room on a sunday afternoon and finds me engrossed in a book. Since he hadn't made a very grand entry, I don't notice him coming in to the room. He sees that I'm smiling at something. Maybe it's the book that I'm reading. He decides to wait and watch. He sees that the smile gets wider by the minute. But I don't seem to have turned the page in the last few minutes. He definitely knows that I'm not such a slow reader. He decides that he's had enough and wakes me out of my thoughts and asks me what I've been dreaming and smiling about. Is it a girl- the obvious question?

I said, no it's nothing. Just something in the book which took me on some chain of thoughts which he broke. And despite my best efforts, I could neither convince my friend that I was not bluffing him nor could I trace back my chain of thoughts to find out what I was really smiling about.

These last few days, I haven't had many moments to smile about. I really am glad that atleast I can do so without my conscious mind coming in the way. That must be the reason why I'm so keen to spend more time lazing in bed forever and ever. I am having a lot of fun in the other world - the lost world that I'm seeking desperately to know more about.


  1. Dude... are you hiding anything from the ring?? I shall wait for for 2 days for your comment on this. If I get none, then this blog goes on to the ring... (wonder how chili missed this blog!!)

  2. Hehe!!! Hiding illa enu illa.

    Somehow I am not able to recollect what happens in my dreams. But I really wake up smiling sometimes. As long as it's good, who cares?

    Chili missed it b'cos there's nothing to miss here.