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Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 - Year end summary

The year started off with the dull winter of 2006. PN leaving Columbus in January leaving me feeling lonely and friendless for a few months (we were such close buddies). Then came the awesome gang of RR, MS, RUS, CN, GAR and SSKN. We had some great times together.

Then the amazing 2006 Cricket season. It all started with us trying to form COSARC again but finally deciding to merge with / join UCC. It worked out well.

Then planning my return to India to co-incide with the end of the Cricket season in Columbus. Well just about missed a couple of weeks of Cricket. So not so bad. The amazing trip to NY just before returning to India. Adi and RUS must have loved my drunk Punjabi ghaalis to the Taxi Driver who looted us off a whopping 180 bucks. Made me realize that I actually might have had some Punjabi roots (maybe in my previous birth). I keep getting asked my people (on hearing my name) if I'm Punjabi. Well ...

The wonderful Dubai - Trip. It's an experience being around kids. Just loved talking to and being with Rhea and Rohan. It turns out she loved me too and is looking forward to meeting me again the next time she comes to India. Me too!!!

The next two months on bench in Infy - well not actually on bench since the client was paying me to sit on my a## doing nothing. My Billable utilization was still in the late ninties. :-) This period made me realize that Bench was surely not what I wanted. Finally started getting some work but not really the kind of work I want to be doing. Anyway, this wonderful period gave me some time to take up my GMAT and apply to ISB. The year ended with some good news of an ISB interview call in the first week of Jan. Hopefully the new year will bring further cheer with an ISB admit.

The year ended with me becoming a Landlord (bought some land in Manipal since Bangalore and outskirts was way out of reach for me). If it doesn't appreciate, the site is in a nice location that can serve as my retirement home. :-) A nice weeklong vacation in Udupi after attending Ravish's marriage to round off this wonderful year with a lot of wonderful memories, gave me so many wonderful friends for life, taught me so many things and some amazing experiences.


  1. hey buddy :) happy new year :) this is a great 2006 summary :) god bless you with an even better 2007 :)

  2. Wonderful summary dude...But Guess I missed out on listening to most of those Punjabi Gaalis :(

  3. Thanks Miss Aiyyar!!! ;) Wish you the same too!!!

    Thanks RUS!!! I see you've deleted one of your comments about being unbeatable in Baddie!!! Good decision!!!