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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back in BLR - Awesome feeling!!!

What a feeling to be back in India!!! Being with family, the loving hug from Appa and Amma, the the familiar roads, the amazing weaving through the traffic with all the honking (after seeing the patient drivers of America), just lazing away in my lawn chatting with parents, fighting over the remote with my Bro (we are planning to buy a third TV at home to avoid these eternal fights), my messy room which I intend to clean up over the next couple of days. The list of things which put me into this blissful state is endless.

The negative side is that I am feeling bad about not having contacted any of my friends so far. The reason is simple. I don't know have their contact numbers and I hate to send out a mail saying - well here I am guys!!! Sounds too arrogant for me. And am scared to hell about taking my bike out - I know I'll get over it soon though. Anyway since I am going to work on Wednesday, will hopefully start building my network again and for my old friends I've left behind in Columbus - I'll miss you guys!!! And sure you are missing me too!!!


  1. Welcome back dude!
    You should be able to remember my number...it's the same old palindrome (almost!). :)

  2. we miss ya too :)

  3. the previous one was me :)