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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

To do or not to do!!!

The question here is about doing an MBA. After ditching IIM BCLIK interviews 2 years back for an onsite assignment and an IIMB PGSEM seat because I wanted to play some Cricket and didn't want to stay away from Bangalore, am I really serious about doing it?

I know there is a lot of peer pressure because friends have done it or are doing it. Then there is the obvious where is my career going feeling of desperation. The question of "Do I want to end up like my boss" cursed by one and all a burden on earth :-)?


The only way out seems to be doing an MBA and hope that the path forward becomes clear during or once I'm done with the course. So went head first by signing up for GMAT on Oct 22nd since the general consensus seemed to be about 40 days of prep of 2 hours a day should be enough. What next? I've no idea. Ideally should start preparing ... but knowing me will probably not start till a week before D-Day.

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  1. An update to the post - Ended up starting prep a week before GMAT literally and got a 730. Obviously the feeling after GMAT was "if only I'd given it a better shot". :-)