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Monday, April 04, 2011

SL - Don't deserve to be the champions anyways!!!

Not trying to kill a dead goose here, but still SL - the eternal cheaters!!! Remember Randiv bowling a No-Ball to ensure Sehwag doesn't get to a hundred a few months back. Technically not cheating. :-) It was just one example of unsportsmanlike behavior or cheapness or an act unbecoming of a champion team.

Promoting the chuckers - Malinga, Murali and Randiv through the years is another example. Anyway, maybe he's now thinking if only I had not cheated, what might have happened? Maybe we would have done better, maybe we would have won.

Dhoni's shake of the head after the second toss tells us how shocked and disappointed he is with the act.They surely didn't deserve to win the WC.

I think this is what happened from 0:32 Ravi Shastri - Now MS will spin the coin; Sangakkara - Tails; Crowe (reconfirming with Sangakkara) - Tails?; Sangakkara nodding; Crowe (points his hand to dhoni) - Its heads; Ravi Shastri - Heads it is; MS to Sangakkara - We will bat; (Sangakkara doesn't react); MS to Sangakkara - You said "Tails" right; (still no reaction from Sangakkara or maybe he said I didn't call at all like he was dreaming about the WC and forgot to call); This is outright cheating !!


  1. Randiv bowling a no-ball is not cheating, it is unsportsmanlike behaviour. Whereas what Sangakkara did was cheating.

  2. Crap! I can't believe this. I missed this but wanted to see this badly, thanks for the video btw.

    But what a batting performance by the Indians... simply superb.