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Friday, February 25, 2011

New Website Name Contest - Winner Announcement

SI recently asked for suggestions on my new website name in my previous blog-post and the response was awesome. I started off with the following three:
1) www.randhirhebbar.com
2) www.brandhir.com
3) www.brandhebbar.com

The journey was short but intriguing where I kept shifting from one suggestion to another with every new comment.

Some of these suggestions might help you come up with your own domain name:
1) Jayaprasad - Hebran.com
2) Harish Gudi - Ranbar.com (Don't drink that much these days Harish ;-)
3) Rammohan voted for brandhir.com (Glad to hear that the post inspired someone :-))
4) Karthik CS and Machani voted for randhirhebbar.com
5) Rajesh (vr4u.com / vr4u.in /iserveindia.com / iserveu.com / iservu) - I didn't fully understand this suggestion and am sure there was a sound logic behind it.
6) Sal: Narcirandhir.com (This one wins points for pure wit)
7) Rajiv K- Try randhir.com / org / in  or hebbar.in (This is probably the closest to the winner since I decided to search for variants of randhir post seeing this message) Tip: Try http://instantdomainsearch.com/ for getting help on available domains
8) Rajiv K also suggested randrants (a variant that I thought off was brandts or randts which I almost fell for (in fact I am thinking of redirecting this blog to randhir.net/rants) before finding www.randhir.net was available
9) Bargava: heprandy.com / helprandy.com
10) Tom Castro: Suggested trying an anagram of his name. This did bring up some interesting options for sure but nothing as interesting as www.macrotots.com (which means Big Kids - Aren't we all big kids?) :-)
11) I did get a few other suggestions on e-mail, phone and in person as well. Thanks everyone for your great inputs.

Time to decide the winner:
While Tom's suggestion was definitely a great one, the obvious choice is Rajiv for his 2 good suggestions (trying variants of name which made me recheck and find randhir.net and the one on randhirrants (which I almost fell for). Rajiv - Next time we are in the same city (Your next India/Bangalore visit?), will buy you lunch/dinner at the place of your choice.

While I have registered the domain and started setting up the website (www.randhir.net), it will probably take a couple of weekends before I have it up and ready.

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