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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Guest Bloggers - Invited

My blog has been focused on different subjects at different points in time and right now, it is about the following five themes with the bonus theme of analytics added in:
  1. My Life and learning that I want to share with the world (Travel, Hobbies, Adventures, Sports)
  2. Investments and Money Management (Real Estate, Stocks, MFs, Tax, etc)
  3. HKUST and Other Global MBAs (Improve Apps/Essays, Interview Prep, How to pick a school, Past Students writing about the experience and how the MBA changed their life, Current Applicants talking about their interviews)
  4. India - Change, GenY, PoV on Current Affairs/Politics, Corruption, etc
  5. Entrepreneurship in India (New ventures/Ideas, struggles, successes, B-Plans, Support needed)
  6. Analytics (New Trends, Careers in Analytics, Training, Books, etc)
The general guideline I've heard across the blogging world is focus on one niche area for each blog and my blog is definitely dead against that principle. What I want to do is find 2-3 bloggers who are passionate about one of these areas and are willing to commit to partnering with me in posting strong, meaningful content that readers can enjoy/benefit from. Once I know one or more of these are capable of sustaining itself, I'll branch it off and keep this main blog focused on (1).

I'd like to invite friends who love writing but have somehow not been able to start blogging or actively blog. Maybe, take a first step and write a blog-post on any of a fixed set of topics listed below and maybe you'll surprise yourself as to how much you enjoy it.  So, do mail me to my personal mail id (arhebbar at gmail) or post a comment below with the following details (Name, E-Mail, Optional Blog URL, Subject/Title, Optional Contents of Post and Optional Contact No) and I'll get back to you soon.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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