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Monday, February 14, 2011

How not to travel to/from Hyderabad?

Feedback on a painful Omer Travels Bus Journey:

Just got off my worst bus ride ever - All I can say is if you are ever given a chance to choose between a Bullock Cart Ride and a ride on the Omer Travels bus, choose the Bullock Cart. :-)

How did this happen? Since I'd to make an urgent trip to Hyd and the local agent was not willing to book return journeys for some unknown reason, I went online to makemytrip and started looking for buses. Since I needed three tickets, Omer was unfortunately the only one available or atleast the one at the top of the search among the first 10-15 I looked at. I thought how bad can it be and booked it.

What went wrong? Maybe the right question should have been what went right? Well nothing. Old and creaky bus which refused to go beyond 30kmph thru most of the journey. Seats that didn't lean back and if you did you couldn't straighten. Rude ticket collector, cleaner and driver. Stopping every 10-15 mins to get someone on board despite the bus being full. Stops every 2-3 hours for a toilet break - looks like the driver had some other problems. :-) Reached home at 10:30am after starting at 9pm when typically a 9pm start gets me home by 7:00am.

On the bright side, my Bangalore to Hyderabad travel was a real comfy one with Navin Travels - another unknown name to most people I've spoken to since. But, brand new bus, courteous staff and smooth journey. And since we booked that with an agent - it did not include a online transaction fee and ended up costing us lesser. After this terrible journey, now, I'm thinking, should I go to work or just catch up on sleep? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  1. Awwww.. Randu.. OMER IS CRIME and so would be sharma.. never travel on any of these.. totally forgot that u have a hyd connection now ;-)... Next time plz try HKB, they blr no is 080 22127127, 080 22127101 and their hyd no is 040 65158119, 040 23297811 and 040 23298177.. these guys are awesome, u can just call and book over the phone adn they have two services daily!!! lookin forward to ur thoughts after ur travel with them...

  2. :-) Now I know. I have traveled HKB, Divakar and Sharma and have rarely if ever faced problems. Only this was a last min trip and I couldn't find 3 seats together in any of the main ones.