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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last 50 days ...

After spending 100 super-hectic days in London (thanks to having made the stupid blunder of stuffing in six courses in one semester while on an exchange coupled with the 100s of social and career events that I had to attend), the last 50 back in India have been really relaxing. 

I have mostly spent this time with family, caught up with a few friends, attended more than my share of friends' marriages, started the process of settling a family property dispute, watched tons of movies, had loads of good food (enough memories of good food now to keep me happy for another year atleast) and done my bit to even the scale of India Travel vs. Rest of the World Travel.

And last but not the least, I made it to the Taj!!! Having been to the Great Wall of China last August on my Beijing Trip with GIFT, that's two of the seven wonders checked off the list. Along with that, spent some quality time with my parents on my 12 day N-India trip.

Now am ready to get back to doing some work - do some last-ditch effort to make Zeopane work and start working on alternatives ... Did someone say J.O.B?

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