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Sunday, December 07, 2008

One too far ...

The Pakis have gone one too far on this one ... I mean the Mumbai massacre. It looks like they'll need to have some fall guys on this for sure and lots of terrorist training camps are being closed down (atleast for the time being).

For all the denials that the state is not involved, what do we care since you are not doing anything to stop these people (Dawood and gang roaming around on the streets of Karachi), it is as good as you are perpetrating the terrorism.

For all the talk about you being victim of several such attacks, it only shows what a messy country you are. That doesn't mean you go around spreading your mess to our country.

For all the BS about Kashmir, even if Kashmiris wanted to join Pakistan in 1947 (which I don't believe), why the fuck would Kashmir want to join Pakistan now considering the mess that you are in now financially, socially and close to being declared a terrorist state by the world?

The true test for the world at large and especially the US is to ensure the Mumbai massacre leads to some concrete action and a plan to clean this mess. If we let this stop at a few fall guys and some token gestures, these monstrous elements will just take a break, move to another location and continue to do this across the world.

And India, it's time we do something to ensure these Paki dogs don't keep coming back to defecate on our streets.

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