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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bride or Groom!!! Who first?

This is the biggest question at home after we go out to see a bride for my bro. Do we contact them or do we wait for them to contact us to see if they are interested in pursuing the alliance?

We've had people tell us that it has to be the bride or it has to be the groom side. We've also heard people say, whoever's more desperate will initiate contact. :-)

From experience, we've had lots of bride's parents contacting us directly or indirectly (through the middleman/woman). We've also had many parents not contacting us at all and in our case (since we weren't desperate ;)), not contacting the bride's side and the alliances dying a slow death. Maybe some of these would have worked out if we'd actually picked up a phone and used it instead of going on with the guessing game.

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