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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cricket WC - India's Exit!!!

The biggest favor that our Indian Cricketers could do to the country. Ensuring that they took the shortest path back home. Billions of Man-Hours that would have been wasted in watching and discussing Cricket saved. Surely we don't need these jerks to feel good about ourselves as a nation. Hope a few more of the millions who idolize these Cricket Stars have learnt their lesson. Hope some of these companies have learnt a lesson that playing with emotions of people doesn't always work.

"Oooh Aaah India. Aaya India". Looks like the shouts from the Blue Billion got so loud that our stars decide to listen to the voice of the people and come back to India. :)

As for me, I keep learning my lessons and unlearning them the next time the BCCI (Not Indian) Cricket Team does well. As always, I've vowed never to waste more than a few minutes a day watching any cricket (maybe on the news or just the closing moments of a match. Let's see how long I can keep up the promise I made to myself. I did not watch any part of some supposedly interesting games of the WC like the Aus-SA game. So far so good!!!

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