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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back at work!!

Finally after a two and half week layoff ... got back to work today. Working from home was fun. Makes me envy the people who do it all round the year and also makes me wonder how on earth do they get work done without a nosy boss hanging over their shoulders.

Now I understand the reason for the existence of the idiot boss mentioned in my other post on this EARTH. If not for him, other skilled labor wouldn't have done their bit of work. And if he too was smart, maybe he wouldn't have got a kick out of doing his "peeping over shoulder" job.


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  2. Hebbar!! Welcome back to work. Hope you were well taken care of during your stay at home? ;-)
    And I guess you need to enable word verification in your comments section, and stop the spammers.

    Looking forward to hear more about your COSARC (and other) exploits. :))

  3. Chili,

    Sure was well taken care off. :-)