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Monday, January 15, 2007

The Monk ... Ferrari

This is about a recent book I read ("The Monk who sold his Ferrari"). I think it is highly relevant to most people in the industrialized world. This is the story of an ace criminal lawyer who re-discovers himself and the joy of living after a near-fatal heart attack forces him to change his priorities in life. These are some of the things the lawyer turned Monk suggests we do to improve the quality of our life.

* No event is +ve or -ve. Simply experience them, celebrate them, and learn from them
* The secret of happiness is to find out what you love to do and direct all your energy towards it
* Daily set aside 10 mins to think about how to improve ur next day
* Daily 10 mins of solitude and silence and meditation
* Include a physical activity / exercise in your every day life
* Vegetarianism and Non-Alcoholism :-)
* Wake up before Sunrise and see the sun rise
* Read for atleast 30 mins a day
* Spend some time listening to music every day
* Opposition thinking - Do not let any -ve thought enter your mind. Replace any -ve by a +ve thought immediately
* Fatigue is a creation of the mind
* Push yourself beyond the limits - all limits are human created ones
* Add timelines to all goals
* Commit goals to paper and follow for 21 days without a break. And it becomes a habit. (Another book I read recently said that the neurons in the human brain get created in 5 days according to modern research)
* To get quality sleep, listen to soft music before sleeping and 10 mins of meditation

Let me know if you find this post useful to you.

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