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Monday, January 29, 2007

How to get anyone to say "Yes" in 8 minutes or less?

This amazing book has taught me a lot of things. Here are some of my learnings:

=> Once you are in possession of an item or have used it, its value goes up automatically. That's why lots of Tele-Brands offer Money-Back Guarantees, Car Manufacturers offer Test-Drives, Magazines offer free trial Subscriptions, etc.

=> People make decisions on how the question or proposition is framed to them. (Positive/Negative)

=> Too many choices confuse people. Ideal is around 2-3 so even if there are more options help customer by shortlisting 2-3 and help make the decision.

=> Your appeal in advertising or sales should be to the greater cause not just the benefit of the client - the greater cause could be family, society, country, God. This helps clinch deals much more easily. People want to believe that what they do is not for themselves but for their loved ones.

=> Once people take a public stand on something, it is very difficult to change their minds. So delay people from saying "No" to your proposal because of knee-jerk reactions.

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