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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Badminton Days

Tue/Wed/Thur are good sporting days. 2 hours almost of wholesome Badminton. Really - nothing like it. Especially if I'm lucky enough to play singles. Otherwise more often than not end up playing doubles with one or two weak links in the game and rallies getting over in no time.

And nothing beats a cold beer relaxing in front of the Pond infront of our balcony after coming back from Baddie!!! One more of life's simple pleasures!!!

Since the next couple of weeks the rec center is supposed to be closed, last week was my last day of Badminton in US. Will I get to play in India? Will I have enough time between all the Traffic Jams and stuff to step out and play?

One of my end of year targets is to find work at some place within 20 mins from home so that I can continue to enjoy these simple pleasures of life!!!


  1. Glad you enjoy playing badminton. Badminton rules!

  2. Yup, glad you used to play badminton in US... is your final wish in life is still to beat me in a Singles game? :P