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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Company Training in Chicago (Lisle office)

My co.s started this thing about conducting Tech training for onsite folks and get them certified. Only problem is certifying ppl seems like the only thing the trainer was interested in. This is "out of syllabus" almost made me ROFL. Here's the bunch of people I met during this July 4th trip to Chicago and around.

L-R (Sasank, Mathew, Bharat, Senthil, Randhir, Ajmel, Mohan, Aatish, Sumit, Arun - as far as I can remember :-)

PS: No offence to anyone. But felt it was a total waste of time - the only useful thing that came out of it was my meeting a friend in Chicago, eating some good food and playing a lot of pool during the breaks. :)

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