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Monday, July 17, 2006

Funny lines in Orkut scraps

I love the word scrap (with reference to orkut) when used as a verb. Scrap me!!! :)

Here's the dictionary meaning of scrap as a verb:
tr.v. scrapped, scrap·ping, scraps
1. To break down into parts for disposal or salvage.
2. To discard as worthless or sell to be reused as parts; junk

Anyway, here are some interesting scraps:

* Hey, tum phone kyon nahin uta rahi ho.

This one I've seen so often in one guy's scraps and one particular girl's scrap book that I really thought of scrapping him - Dude, don't you get the message???

* Dude, come home or do this or do that or whatever.

We use this mode of communication often these days because some people (esp. one particular person I know) respond to this better than any other mode of communication including going to his house and banging on the door.

* Scrap # 278
* Scrap # 279
* Congrats on 280 scraps
What is this? Some sort of competition eh? :) Maybe I'll write a program that given an id, generates intelligent scraps and sell it. I'll probably make a fortune. :)

Another business idea I have is writing a book called "101 Ways to a 1001 scraps" - if nothing it will be a great gift to all the Orkut junkies.

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