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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Much ado about Khan ….

After two days of non-stop news, follow-ups and more news by the sensation hungry news channels about how SRK was ill-treated by the US immigration authorities, it doesn’t look like we are anywhere close to this coming to a close. The news channels are so desperate that they’ve flashed stupid tweets by a few film-stars on twitter as though they’d got an official quote from the said stars. These so-called stars included one director (Karan Johar) who’s only hits have been with SRK and a new and upcoming star who in a recent interview said that SRK was the one person she was dreaming about working with. Of course, she’ll try to suck up to him.

Mr. Khan obviously is adding fuel to the fire or maybe started the fire himself aided by his close buddy Karan Johar by saying that it was only because "My Name is Khan" (word-for-word even in today's interview) I was called for questioning. Suspicion about this being a well-planned propaganda to popularize a movie called “My Name is Khan” surprisingly directed by Karan Johar himself and lead star is who else Mr. S.R.Khan himself adds credence to this theory.

For the first time, I agree with something another Khan (Salman) said in response to all this hullaballoo. He said it is only because US is doing such things that there hasn’t been another attack on US since 9/11 eight years ago. Whereas we on the other hand with all the appeasement that happens have been undergoing terror attacks ever so often. So true!!!

If Sanjay Dutt could go against his own country, how can America assume SRK wouldn’t do something against a third country against whom the US believes the whole Moslem world is angry with. Of course, the US is a little paranoid about terror and of course, they are guilty of living in their own world. But SRK is no MJ or Brad Pitt. And more importantly, this paranoia is yielding results, isn't it? There is a random algorithm that pulls out people for secondary questioning and lo and behold on SRK's 100th visit to the US, he was picked randomly once. And he's raised such a hue and cry.

In a hurry to get on the right side of Khan some stars said, just Google SRK and you’ll find 100s of listings. To that, I’d say Google Sanjay Dutt, he too will get tons of hits. WTF does that have to do with the US Authorities following thru with a secondary questioning that their system has prompted them to do. If they start googling every person whose name comes up, I’m sure it will take a lot more than the 66 mins it is supposed to have taken. Another said he’s the top 10 global stars of the world. This to me is like the US national sports events being called the World Series. I’m sure <10% of the Non-Indian population have even heard his name, let alone know anything about him. The fact that Indian movies are making big-bucks outside India only tells you that Indians are everywhere and long to watch any-damn feel-goody Hindi movies that K-Jo and SRK come up with every now and then. It does not make anyone a top-10 global star.

SRK says he was traumatized by this experience. Did he get tortured, whip-lashed, asked to strip and dance or what. He was asked to say who he knows in US and their phone numbers. What’s wrong with that? There’s the Indian Govt getting involved in this with one great minister (what’s with all the Cong ministers lately shoving their stinking feet in their mouth almost everyday) saying that India should resort to a Tit-4-Tat … c’mon you jerks. Do what you are supposed to do and stop getting involved in these sort of zero-impact issues just because the sensation-hungry news-media and the propaganda-hungry film-star+director are creating a big-fuss about nothing.

I can’t believe I managed to write a 2-page post about this stupid topic. But now that I’ve written it, I might as well go ahead and publish it. So here goes!!!