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Friday, August 10, 2007

Google - misusing data???

My orkut fortune for the last few days is
"Happy events will take place shortly in your home"

With my bro's engagement scheduled for the 15th, I'm really beginning to doubt if this is really a co-incidence or is Google peeping into the powerful data access that it has with Google Searches, Orkut, Picasa, Gmail and a host of other websites being owned by them. Am I just getting paranoid here or is there something fishy going on?

Quite a few of these fortunes have been highly accurate lately and I don't think they are using some special astrologer to give customized predictions for all of us. My admission to HKUST, move out of Infosys and my brother finding a girl were pretty accurately predicted by them. It looks like more like a digital robot who's been fed with all of my information to come up with some of these predictions.

Anyway, do we or even Google have an option? With all the M&A and the polarization that's happening, they will probably use every trick in the book to customize their products based on whatever information they have and we will continue using the best products in the market (until at least the scam is exposed).

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