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Friday, August 10, 2007

Facebook - review!!!

Tried using Facebook over the last couple of days - Lot of useful features like Networking with Alumni of a school, Sharing Photos and Links and Private conversations with friends (better privacy settings than Orkut). The only problem I saw was that it's trying to do too many things and in trying to do so might be failing to excel in most of it. There is no clear definition of whether it is a social networking site (like Orkut) or a business networking site (like LinkedIn). All the fun applications around it tell me that it is more the former. And Google is supposedly bidding for it. Facebook is refusing to be bought over with its Value going up with every new entry into the Facebook User Network.

I'm tired of getting new requests every day from the same set of friends adding me on to their network on a new Networking Site. I'm sure it's the same with most of the folks I'm spamming too. Networking sites are being born at the rate of more than one a day at least and it's about time some of these big ones start acquiring the smaller ones and shut them down for good.

One good idea here might be to start paying people to Network and start putting in ads all over the website. I'd fall for that idea atleast for the next few days when I'm totally jobless (literally and figuratively too).

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