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Friday, April 28, 2006

Target PGSEM

This is about my plans to go in for the PGSEM course in IIMB, Bangalore. Why PGSEM? I'd prepared for this question in the interview by putting a lot of thought into it and coming up with all the usual cliches. The truth as with most other aspects of my career, I don't have a solid reason for doing it.

Why did I leave an opportunity to do a full time MBA in IIMC/L/I/K two years back and two years later look to do a part time course in IIMB? One obvious reason is B comes before CLIK. :-)

I mean B is Bangalore - Namma Bengalooru so any course (even maybe a Karate course) beats IIM - CLIK PGP anyday. That's one thing I always regret not doing. Learning Karate. Come to think of it - there are so many other things I regret. I wanted to learn to play the Guitar, learn to swim, be brave enough to Bungee jump or sky dive when I had the opportunity, the list is end less. Anyway I am going way off track with this. Let me get back on course.

Looks like the results are supposed to be out any day now. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

I was supposed to submit a few documents after the interview like the approval letter from my Employer. Since my managers went on vacation and then immediately into training, this got delayed by two weeks. Now that I finally got a hold of him and submitted it, just hope it's not too late.

Who cares where the hell I end up? Hit it!!!


  1. Best of luck man. I hope you get it. If you look at it, this is the year when most of our frieds are taking a shift in career or personal life -
    1.Hitesh got married (almost this year)
    2.chili switched his job
    3.GD going for his MBA
    4.You into IIMB (I am sure you will)
    5.SP has promised to get married by dec.

    Is there any hope of all of us sitting around 1 table and sharing a drink?

  2. All the best dude. Keep us informed.