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Monday, May 07, 2007

New Generation and Pizzas!!!

I really don't understand what's with the young kids of today and Pizzas / Burgers / etc. These companies really know how to win over kinds. Every young nephew/niece of mine goes crazy at the mere mention of McD, Burger, Pizza or anything that rhymes with these words. After having eaten that same s#*$ over the last two years, I really don't see what's the big deal. Maybe that's the solution. Make these kids eat it everyday for the next one month.

I suggested this to my cousin the other day. And here's what he said. "Atleast now we have a bargaining / blackmailing tool. If you don't do your home-work, no burger today. If you don't behave yourself, no Pizza for you today. Without McD, we'd be powerless".

Another funny anecdote. Me, my cousin and his kids were at a Pub in Brigade's. My young nephew was begging us to take him to McDonalds. I thought - Man he must be really hungry. We finished our drinks in a hurry and walked over to MacD. I asked the young gun, what do you want to eat? Anything that will get me a Toy. And here I was thinking he was crying of starvation.

Had my niece at home over the weekend. She had to take up an exam on Sunday. Saturday evening and she comes out of the room after studying for like 3-4 hours at a stretch. My Mom says "Dear, shall we order Pizzas for dinner?". The smile that appeared on her face was worth the cost of the Pizzas a thousand times over!!! :)

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