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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Don't drink and drive.

Hmmm. Hearing this from a guy who enjoys a few drinks quite often may sound funny. But after seeing the damage done by a drunk to my porch, I've decided. Drink as much as you want. But if you feel you're not in full control of yourself, no way you're going to control a car.

To cut a long story short. Last night at 3:30am, I am woken up from my sleep by a huge bang. Then I hear a car whirring away. For one moment, I thought it might be my dream where I've banged into some tree or driven into some one's bedroom like one of my old project mate. Hmm ya some one actually did that. Then I thought I'd better go and check. I rushed to the window and looked out. My Porch was in disarray. And I thought I saw a big black car racing away. A classic case of hit and run.

I immediately called in 911 assuming whoever would pick up would be ready for a chase of the drunkard and get him before he runs away. The lady who picked up seemed in no hurry at all. She said someone would come over soon. After about 15-20 mins, a COP came over and after a quick inspection said "Must be some drunk. I'll make a report and your Condo's insurance should cover it." and goes away. Hehe. I didn't need a cop to tell me that.

Still haven't got time to upload the snaps online.

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