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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bit Torrents!!!

Have been watching so many Hindi/Kannada movies lately on my Laptop thanks to this wonderful technology called bittorrents. Just go to http://www.desitorrents.com or http://www.kannadatorrents.com. The only problem seems to be if you are not in early when the guy who is first uploading it is seeding it, you might end up with 89% downloaded but for the remaining 11%, you might end up waiting for ever.

Right now, am waiting on ppl to seed Kisna, Upendra and "Swalpa Adjust Madkoli". So go to the above sites and seed please. :-)

BTW, watched the most gross Kannada movie ever made: Ananthana Avanthara two nights ago. You surely should try watching it.

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