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Thursday, August 04, 2011

My New Website and the FUTURE of this Blog

Based on the feedback I received from friends offline and my audience online (as a result of my previous post), I learnt that the audience for this blog largely consists of friends and family interested in hearing about my life and my experiences. I will continue writing about the same on this blog and I will move my more technical content (On Analytics, Investment Management and Start-ups) to other blogs or websites including my very own web-site which I put some time into last weekend and got it up and running. The end result is probably going to be less frequent updates on this blog (since my time is limited) but more focused and richer content on the other blogs (without limitations of catering to the audience of my blog).

Please feel free to browse www.randhir.net and pass your feedback/inputs on content, design and anything else on the site. Also, please let me know by e-mail / Facebook / Twitter if this approach is the right one and what topics you would be interested in so I can loop you into the new blogs as and when I start adding content.


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  1. Ya.We would like to hear more about you.I have gone through your site its good...