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Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy Olympics to you!!!

I was in the host country of an Olympics for the first time in my life (and maybe even the last time). Being in Beijing during the Opening Ceremony would have been the best bet. Not to worry, I'll be there next Saturday :-). We did the next best thing to being there. Went over to Delaney's (A Sports Bar in Wan Chai), found a decent spot to view the giant screen and guzzled a few drinks down.
Our three member strong Indian Contingent at Delaney's (The other Desis in there who did not have pride to cheer were either non-Indians or maybe non-Indians I'm guessing) cheered as the 56 member Indian Contingent marched forward. We also cheered for some of the countries including Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal and of course my new home country - Hong Kong/China along with some countries I'd not even heard off and some super-small contingents of 4-5 participants which will probably end up beating India in the medals tally.

Other Side Notes: Joe Banana's in Wan Chai the worst place to go to. How can they not have the Olympics Opening Ceremony showing. The worst part was they were trying to mislead the guests by showing some events from probably a similar event in the past which led us to believe we were at the right place - so what even if it was such a small screen TV. But then, at 8:08:08 on 8/8, we realized that this was just a trick, quickly wrapped up our drinks and sprinted across the Delaney's across the street. Never again - Joe B.

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