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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Green Initiatives

The only solution to most of India's and probably the world's problems is controlled usage of the resources we have. Be it Oil, Natural Gas, Minerals or Electricity.

For example, controlled usage of Oil can be done by using public transport as far as possible, walking to the neighborhood mall rather than take the car there (you'll save on the parking fees too), maintaining your vehicle in top notch condition and a million other ways based on your vehicle and usage. Controlled oil usage not only contributes to reduction in oil demand in a Oil-Deficient country like India, but it also results in a much lower air pollution in the big cities.

The governments be it the state or the center will never do anything about it since their biggest revenue streams (tax-revenue contributors) are the big Oil-Import and Refinery Companies (BPCL, HPCL, ONGC, etc) and any reduction might result in budgeting difficulties for their thousands of needs.

Electricity on the other hand is different from Oil. The governments do have a benefit in reducing the consumption of electricity (wastage). It can be used for more productive applications. It can then be distributed to smaller villages and towns which to this day do not have any form of electricity. But the governments should probably go big on advertising cost-savings and companies going green will help too. My current employer too has its "Green Initiative" going great guns.

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