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Thursday, February 07, 2008

HK and overhype!!!

After seeing the HK CNY Parade, I'm really passionate about India and the prospects of Indian Tourism. If we can find the right marketing gurus, I think India can be branded as the destination of choice for every damn traveller in the world. This is what I've been thinking since my Thailand trip after seeing the fascinations of the whites I met during that trip. Oh, and when I say fascinations, I am not referring to the Thai and Fillipino maids of the old white men.

Today's parade was probably a little better than the "Republic Day parade" in Nagaland or Mizoram (no offence meant to these states of course) and slightly better than the other overhyped Fire Dragon festival last year and this was tagged as "the focal point of the city’s celebrations" and "truly spectacular". If this was spectacular, wait till you see a Yakshagana or a Kalaripayattu show in India. I'm surely not going for the fire-works tomorrow, come what may? If the focal point wasn't good enough for me, anything less surely won't.

Maybe my post-MBA venture should be focussed on Indian Tourism and the marketing of that across US and Europe. Go India, Go!!!

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