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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Losing it like crazy!!!


Is this machine really showing my weight or is it one more conked machine that is flattering to deceive? First time in ages, I get to step on a Weighing Scale and it doesn't cross the 75 kgs mark (167 lbs). I've had phases when I'd gone well past 200 lbs. So this is like a stunning turnaround. All thanks to the great Sauna called Hong Kong that I've been cursing for the past month or so.

To lose 8 kgs in a month, without doing anything major to the diet or exercise is really stunning. I know I've visited the Running Track a handful of times and the Gym even fewer times, but I was doing that even when I was in Bangalore. This reminded me of my last few days in Bangalore when I was hogging like crazy and trying to gain weight telling everyone who would listen that it did not matter since I was going on a year long diet program. I definitely didn't know this would turn out to be such an accurate prediction so soon.

Anyway let me not celebrate too soon. GD had predicted that it was natural to lose weight the first few months and then gain them back over the next few months as the body gets adjusted to the Climate. Maybe the winter will push me get back to my original shape. I hope not and I'll surely try my best to ensure this does not happen. In fact now that Nature is willing me on, I should probably put in some effort to actually help out.

For inspiration, I have the Super Fit Hi-Energy "Half-Naked" Jon right across the hall-way. What more can I ask for? If I exercised half as regularly as him, I'd probably be super-fit by the time winter's here. Like I was telling someone the other day, coming to HK has a lot of benefits - here's one more. ;-)

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