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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Inspiring innovation!!!

There is opportunity to innovate in whatever you are doing. If there is something that you do everyday, it probably needs to be automated - assigned to a Robot or a Computer Program. Atleast some part of it can be automated so that you only need to make a quick decision and then its back to the automaton to take over.

Here are things I am trying to improve at work:
=> Sorting my mails and taking standard actions to certain mails - Have defined rules in my Outlook to automate it and simplify my work
=> Templates to send standard mails to Team and help make the rules defined above (some based on Subject Line) work better. In fact even wrote some VB Script to customize the e-mails sent (like setting today's or the following Friday's date and sending it) with just a couple of button clicks.
=> Excel sheets with calculations put in to avoid having to use the calculator in billing and budgeting. Pivot Tables in Excel Sheets. They Rock!!!
=> Scripts to automate sets of commands to be run on login to Unix Box
=> Storing SQL commands used in the different screens so that testing becomes easier
=> Using iOpus Macros to browse all my favorite webpages and automate web tasks - still lot of scope for improvement.

Looking for ways to innovate everyday. Life's becoming simpler everyday. But at least with some of these things, do I really want it to? Maybe its the joy of doing things that doesn't require any effort from the brain while you can dream away to glory that I don't want to miss. :-)

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