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Monday, October 23, 2006

BB Rocked

The Blog that brought down the BB

What do you say to such people? I know the contents of the great IFY BB is an easy source of content for your blog. But posting entire conversations containing not only company specific details, but also contact information of $@#$'scions on the www was just too much for most $@#$'scions to digest. There was an all out attack of the author of this blog. Don't be surprised if its taken offline by the time you see this post.

There was some smart CID work done to find out who the culprit was and planning was on to catch the culprit and kick-a$$. By then, someone said that he had spoken to the culprit and that the blog was going down pretty soon. This somehow calmed the folks down and on came Sourav Ganguly and Greg Chappell.

The only question that now remains is if the management will take a harsh stand or just choose to ignore it in case they come to hear of it. For this guy's sake, I hope the latter.

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